Hope Has a New Home

Hope Has a New Home

You did it! We have reached 100% of our goal to build a new Ronald McDonald House. Thank you to all who have donated and supported us.

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Our History in Wichita

In 1983 RMHC Wichita opened their first Ronald McDonald House in Wichita. Located near Wesley Children's Hospital, the Sleepy Hollow Ronald McDonald House allowed families of children hospitalized in Wichita hospitals an alternative to sleeping in their cars or waiting room chairs.

Just 2 years later, RMHC Wichita opened their second Ronald McDonald House in 1985 near Via Christi Hospital - St. Francis, and was able to serve twice as many families.

Ronald McDonald Family Room, located inside Wesley Children's Hospital, opened in 1998 after it was determined that along with out-of-town families, local families also needed a place to "get away" while visiting their hospitalized children.

To date, over 55,000 families have been served through our two Ronald McDonald Houses and our Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Thirty-four years after opening our first Ronald McDonald House, the needs of our families have changed.


I’m not leaving their side till they’re out of here. I would do whatever it took to be here everyday with them.”

Natasha Busch, Sleepy Hollow House




Pediatric medical care in Wichita has shifted over the last 35 years and most of the families who need us are receiving medical care closer to the location of our first House near Wesley Children’s Hospital.  This has put a very high demand on the older of our two Houses.

Today, our 10-bedroom Sleepy Hollow House is often full, so new families are given a room three miles away at our 10-bedroom Midtown Ronald McDonald House.

  Three miles doesn’t seem like much but families tell us it is just too far from their sick or injured child and they often turn this option down to be closer to their child.

In order to accommodate the changing needs of our families, RMHC Wichita will build a 20 bedroom Ronald McDonald House as close as possible to the majority of pediatric medical care.


"We don't have to worry about anything, except our daughter."

- Kiley Clift, Midtown House


DSC_0048 copy.jpg


Ronald McDonald House is an environment that promotes togetherness.  This new House will truly be where Hope Has A New Home – a place for patients and their siblings to be kids, a place that offers respite from illness, a place for families to share their stories and find comfort in each other and, ultimately, a place that offers normalcy in our families’ displaced lives. We provide a private place for families to stay each night and the little things that are otherwise easily taken for granted – warm meals, a hot shower, and friendly faces to come home to after a long day.


The new Ronald McDonald House will be located inside a medical building attached to Wesley Children's Hospital. This two-story, 20 bedroom House will provide families with all the amenities they need to care for their child.

Each bedroom will feature plenty of room, 2 queen-sized beds, and a private bathroom. There will be two wonderful play areas for children where they can enjoy being kids. Families may cook in our two spacious kitchens or enjoy a home cooked meal that our caring volunteers prepared. The new house even provides relaxing outdoor space where children can play and families can enjoy the fresh air.

If the child is hospitalized in Wesley Children's Hospital, families won't even have to go outside in Kansas' extreme temperature and weather. A walkway located on the 3rd floor of the building will allow direct access across the street and into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit area. The Pediatric Intensive Care and Pediatrics Units are also close by.

When children must travel long distances to access top medical care, accommodations for families can be expensive or not readily available. Our new Ronald McDonald House will be there for all the families that need us so they can focus on what's important - their child.


"My babies are there, so I need to be there"

- Susanne Mergler-Deuschel, Midtown House